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.Company Gutman Barzilai (1983) Ltd. (founded in 1947 as a partnership Gutman - Brazil) is engaged in importing, marketing, distribution and sale of power tools and professional quality for the production, manufacturing and maintenance. Tools manual and electric, precise measuring devices, technical supply and auxiliary equipment .Exsosers Services consulting and professional technical solutions to a variety of issues in which it operates

.For close to - 70 years of activity of the company, with experience in professional and technical, we have expanded the range of products and services provided by us in a very wide variety of industries in the fields of high-tech industries, high-tech enterprises and Electronics - clean rooms, micro - electronics, medical equipment, optical equipment, safety and security equipment, communications equipment, digital printing equipment, electricity and Garage Equipment


.Since its inception, the company has upheld and attaches great importance to the quality of products, services and technical advice it provides. The company has exclusive agencies and representative offices in Israel from manufacturers in selected high-quality tools. Imports made from manufacturers with the International Standards ISO9001: 2008, manufacturers have extensive experience in the world of work tools, as our goal was and will remain to maintain a high quality product line will continue, connect and tighten our relationship with the end user and manufacturer - supplier. It does not matter whether it is consumer audience private customers, institutional or large groups, that all ultimately consumers of tools


.".We import tools and technical equipment at different levels of the appropriate quality requirements of all industry professionals who work in the economy, without exception, including private user DIY - "Do It Yourself".


)Among our representations in the country are known for their quality producers: (click on the name of the manufacturer to get the company profile












We offer a wide range of tools and technical equipment that provide solutions to a variety of fields, professionals and private clients, personnel, maintenance, light industry, heavy, high-tech, including hand tools and electrical equipment, safety, communication, machining, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, equipment Camping and Leisure, gas equipment, air conditioning equipment technician. You click here (you get all the tools you are looking for individual consumers or as a specific profession. We collected them all that interests you in the distribution of professionals and disciplines.) Sharon's This



.Did not find a tool you are looking for, or do you seek information and additional technical advice, do not hesitate, contact us and you speak to a professional team and our longtime experience and skill will give you a professional solution for responsible and reliable


.To lead in this area and to expand the company's relations with its customers the company maintains a network of quality assurance accompanying the processes, products and services in all the various stages and not only up to delivery to the customer but in continuous and controlled FITNESS FOR A unique needs of each client and especially the provisioning phase


.Company employees and directors are committed to implement the ISO procedures in accordance with the policy established with an aim to reach the targets of quality and continuously improve them all while testing the effectiveness and knowing correct and complete implementation of this policy will place the company as a leader in this industry


.We will get a courteous professional service fast and reliable with a wide variety of tools that will surprise you and it does not matter whether you are professionals or amateurs





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Our familiarity and awareness and changing needs of the market, as well as learning and professionalization process taking place here permanently and continuously from the relationship with the manufacturer and supplier to the end customer, giving us the ability to lead the market before anyone else and provide our customers with the most professional service. Professionalism, skill, experience, and knowledge of the area and depth of expertise enables us to continue to expand our product portfolio without interruption. We see it as an obligation to our customers - both professional audience that our products are used for work and livelihood, and that requires private audience enjoyment and personal use.



?What else


.We calibrate test and measurement instruments accurate, every moment - Turk meters


.We perform repairs electric tools, pneumatic and loaded into bidding before it takes effect and subject to approval by the customer


.We are able to produce a "pilot" for each product, an accessory that you need, just ask and we will surprise you fast response and a variety of solutions we can offer you


.We make adjustments sponges tool trays so you can buy a tools storage cart and we will adapt sponge drawer so that each tool will be placed exactly in its usual place


.We ship Air Shipments from United States, Europe and Far Eastern once a week and we can also do for you overseas orders and make deliveries to the unification of lower highs and reduce delivery times


.Stock our depots there are many products stored customers updating us on the procurement forecasts and expectations of orders without any commitment on their part to buy actual products and quantities. The advantage here is huge because we hold customers and inventory you purchase, production and all your core departments can be confident that the products they purchase from us will be available to the needs of ongoing traffic


You can order the demo vehicles IRWIN - Link to image and SIGNET - click here TESTS - Link to image


.And receive training, experience in the field, and obtaining samples with no obligation




.Surf the Web site and order, earn points and see all your order history and showroom and our sales will benefit linked to counseling and support most professional staff, which guarantees personal attention and uncompromising service with an exact match your requirements and at the best price you can find



.We invite you to visit our showroom


.At your service in place, professionals with technical experience in providing assistance and technical solutions in a variety of topics which we are dealing